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Tailor made weddings in Greece. Bespoke Wedding Packages and Planning in Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki.

Why not tailor your Greek island wedding to be as unique as the two of you? Aegean Dream Wedding Specialists, can turn every wedding dream into a reality.

A tailor made wedding in Greece, with Aegean Dream Wedding, is the perfect way to ensure that every minute detail of your special day is exactly the way you want it! We have the experience, local knowledge, trust and creativity to provide you with a wedding day you will not forget!

If you do not like any of our predefined standard packages, or if these packages consist of too little or too much, you can alternatively have your “Tailor made” wedding package which we will design and plan for you accordingly.

Working closely with you as a team, we will design every aspect of your wedding down to the very last detail to make your Wedding in Greece, a personal and unique event.

Aegean Dream Weddings will make this special day come true for you and will coordinate the entire wedding from start to finish according to your vision and wishes!

Youe bespoke wedding in Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos and Halkidiki can be whatever you want and whatever your dream may be!

The possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for an elegant modern style,  relaxed beachfront wedding, grand, extravagant or something very traditional, Aegean Dream Wedding offers a personalised service to help you express your uniqueness and create for you an unforgettable special day.

Express your Uniqueness! Whatever your dream, desire and preference we will design and create your very own unique wedding, guaranteeing that your special memories in Greece will last a lifetime.

For more information about your perfect Wedding in Greece, please Contact Us or fill out our brief Request Form.


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