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Symbolic Weddings in Greece – Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki. 

Your Symbolic Wedding in Greece, Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki, it can also be planned as a Romantic Surprise! With no restrictions, except the love between the two of you, you can have your special Wedding Ceremony in Greece you have always dreamed of!

If you dream of a destination wedding in Greece but without any legal or religious status then you may want to consider a romantic symbolic wedding ceremony in one of our stunning wedding locations in Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki or in any other special destination in Greece. 

A Symbolic Wedding allows couples to have the complete freedom at planning their wedding ceremony wherever and however they may wish, based on their preferences and likes. 

Imagine having your vacations in Greece and at the same time surprising your partner with a beautiful Symbolic Wedding Ceremony! The ceremony itself is very personal and unique and you can choose the style and format you prefer.  Of course you can select your own vows, poems and music. Best of all….have all the romance without the legal papers headache! No paper work, and therefore no worries!

Symbolic weddings in Greece, Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos and Halkidiki are a great option for couples not wanting to work through all the legal paperwork but still wishing to hold an unforgettable destination wedding in Greece with all the romance that comes along.

Many couples choose getting married in their country before or after their wedding in Greece. Paperwork is less and the procedure is cheaper. The format is the same as it would be for a civil ceremony, except that it is not legally binding, so even your family and guests won’t notice the difference, unless told!

Advantages of a Symbolic Wedding in Greece :

  • No limits about the location
  • No paperwork work stress and costs…!

You choose the style and format according to your taste and budget and you will receive a beautiful Symbolic Wedding Certificate….and no one else has to know it’s symbolic!

Aegean Dream Weddings will be happy to provide all the services you may need for your Symbolic Wedding in Greece, from the celebrant to assistance with personal vows, poems, traditional live music, fireworks, balloons, spa treatments, transportation, accommodation, flower arrangements and all finishing touches. 

Afterwards we will provide you a special marriage certificate that may not be legally binding, but will constitute a treasured memory for the rest of your life!

Optional venues for youe Symbolic Wedding in Greece – Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki:

  • Wonderful private wedding terraces
  • Idyllic golden, white and black sand beaches
  • Picturesque church yards
  • Elegant sea side restaurants
  • Beautiful 5 star hotel terraces
  • Charmingprivate luxurious villa tettaces
  • Romantic traditional wineries with breathtaking sea views
  • The stage of an open Greek theater with spectacular view to Aegean Sea
  • Private luxury Catamaran or Yacht
  • Original pirate-style boat sailing smooth at sunset time
  • Beach side traditional beach bars and restaurants

According to the destination of your choice Aegean Dream Weddings can offer the finest venues for your dream Symbolic Wedding in Santorini, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos, Halkidiki, all with spectacular views to the sea.

Please have a look at our superbly designed and at a great value, Standard Wedding Packages that can be, the starting point of your personal wedding package in any of our special locations in Greece.

Naturally you may use that package exactly as it is or you can add any additional service from our Optional Extras, as hair & beauty treatments, decoration items, extra flower arrangements, fireworks, etc.allowing you to mach your dreams, as well as your budget.  

Feel free to share with us all your ideas and wishes and we’ll make it happen! Whichever the package or style you choose, rest assured that we have the know-how and expertise to make your civil wedding perfect in every detail!

Let the dream begin! 

For more information about your dream Symbolic Wedding, please Contact us  or fill out our brief Request form.

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